About TA

I was born.I was born in 1956 in Springfield, Oregon (the Simpson’s real Springfield); a week later, Dwight Eisenhower was re-elected President. It’s been downhill ever since.

I grew up in Billings, Montana, and joined the Air Force after high school. I was stationed at a small base in Cornwall, England, from Dec 1975 until I was discharged in October 1979. I stayed in England, even taking a year of college classes at Bath Technical College. In June 1982, I moved to Portland, which I have called home ever since.

I married in 1985, our sons were born in 1986 and 1989, and we divorced in 1994. I never finished my graduate degree, a combination of being in the wrong program (I did learn a lot, however) and needing to find work to pay child support. Along the way, I’ve lived in San Francisco (where we got married), Santa Rosa (where our first son was born), Seattle (two short stints), Eugene (grad school for me and my ex), and Corvallis. Portland, however, is my hometown.

I do not own a car. I ride my Surly Long-haul Trucker everywhere.

I’ve been political my whole life, thanks to my mom; she’s also the reason I became a Democrat, despite ten years (ages 14-24, more or less) as a fundamentalist Christian. In March 2003, I attended my first Dean for America Meetup; I’ve been a full-time political ever since. I’ve worked on several campaigns, volunteered on many more, and am currently participating with fellow Dems in East Portland on several projects to serve our community.

I began blogging in 2003 on the local Dean website I created (Linn-Benton for Dean). In 2005, I became a writer for BlueOregon, and have been one of the top contributors over the years. I started TABarnhart.net in 2010 (pre-2015 posts are no longer on the site thanks to website issues). I’m pretty good at social media, although it can drive me nuts and force me to work hard to not to be a jerk. I don’t always succeed.

I am a progressive, but I believe in incrementalism. Slow and steady, but the steady has to be fueled by the heat of progressive principles.