my ballot 2016

Huzzah! My ballot arrived today, and I just voted. Here is your guide to voting in lockstep with me, your local democratic socialist Democratic blogger.

President: Hillary Clinton

I remember in 2003 swearing I would never vote for Hillary when she voted for Bush/Cheney’s war in Iraq. I still carry deep misgivings about her as Commander-in-Chief; not because she won’t be tough enough but because I fear she’s too much of a hawk. Especially on Israel, a nation that needs to stop blocking justice, and nationhood, for Palestine. And I thought, with Oregon firmly in her column, I could write-in someone else and keep that promise to myself.

But I have three granddaughters (and one grandson). When they ask me about this election one day, would I be able to look them in the eye and say, Nope, I didn’t vote for the first woman president. She was terribly wrong about the war vote, and I hope she’s learned from that. But she’s also right about a lot of issues, and there’s no question: she’s far and away the most qualified candidate in this election and possibly since Humphrey ran.

Governor: Kate Brown

I expect greatness once she has her own mandate.

Senator: Ron Wyden

I seem to have voted for Ron about forty or fifty times over the years. I might be exaggerating, but damn. I have voted for him a lot.

Secretary of State: Brad Avakian

Brad’s a great progressive. I expect to see both sides of him in this office: The smart, thoughtful bureaucrat taking care of our good systems and examining areas of difficulties; and the aggressive activist challenging the state, and its citizens, to do better.

Not to mention, Richardson is a god-awful candidate. He’s running a Trojan Horse campaign, but those who’ve seen him in action in the Leg over the years know better. He’s the anti-Avakian, but he’s not running that way. He’s promising to fix our schools, and apart from occasional audits, the SOS has no authority or power to do anything about our schools.

And to have our elections in his hands causes me grave concerns. The GOP hates vote-by-mail, and that’s not the kind of person you want standing guard over that system. Fox, welcome to your chicken coop.

AG: Ellen Rosenbaum

Ellen. Not Eileen. (It’s an insidey joke.)

State Rep, HD 47: Diego Hernandez

I’m excited to see what this great young man accomplishes in the Leg. And I expect to be one of many community members working with him.

City Council: Steve Novick

I’m not buying the challenger’s “I’m so pure & I care more” campaign. Novick screwed up a few times, and in some bigly ways, but he’s head-and-shoulders above her in skills, experience, and ability. With Mayor Ted Wheeler at the helm, I expect Steve to become the commissioner we expected him to be when we elected him four years ago.

Multnomah County Commission: wha?

I thought I was in Amanda Schroeder’s district. I guess I’m not. So, I’ve no one to vote for this time around.

M95: No

I do not trust the universities to do the right things for Oregon with their investments. I want public oversight, and that’s the Leg.

M96: No

My older son went to Iraq and Afghanistan; his brother spent nearly seven years in the Coast Guard. I’m a vet, too. But there are vets, and there are vets.

I spent 3-plus years in England during my time in the Air Force. My biggest danger was from the IRA and the Soviet Union. The vast majority of vets will never come close to being in combat. I’m fine with doing more for those who actually were in harm’s way. But taking scarce resources for people who serve two-to-four years on a domestic base, or in one of the big Europeans bases (complete with services many hard-working Americans can only dream of for their communities), people already getting generous benefits from the GI Bill; no.

We need to help those vets who need real help. That is not most of those who serve. And they get plenty as it is.

M97: Yes, and hell yes

If this were a sales tax, companies would just pass it on and not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting it. It’s not a sales tax of any kind. And Oregon businesses have the lowest taxes in the country.

M98: No, and hell no

Stand for Children does not do any such thing; they stand for a vision of education that is based on pipe dreams of what a well-run American corporatocracy would like. Just like charter schools, this takes money from current education budgets and programs and sends it off into other areas. That’s not how we should budget: via the ballot. We have a Legislature for that, and if that’s not working the way folks want, then organize to work on that.

M99: Yes

Of course. Outdoor School is awesome and needs to be funded properly. I know I had a wonderful time when I went in 6th grade back in Billings, Montana.

M100: Yes

No brainer.

Mult Co 26-181: Yes

I’m against term limits, period. You got a problem with the incumbent? Organize.

Mult Co 26-182: Yes

What we went through when Wheeler and then Cogen left the Chair was ridiculous. The disruptions were massive. Enough of that nonsense.

Mult Co 26-183: Yes

Electing law enforcement officers? That’s just dumb.

Mult Co 26-184: YES YES YES

This is a start. The vote in Benton County on “ranked voting” is another step. Let’s get done what is possible so we can move forward from there.

Pdx 26-179: Yes

If we do this, we need to make sure it’s done right. I trust Ted Wheeler on this, so I’m confident this is going to help. I keep reading “We can’t build our way out of the housing crisis” but we damn sure can try.

Pdx 26-180: Yes

Let’s milk this cash cow, baby. If you can afford an ounce of cannabis, you can afford an extra 3% for public safety and helping small businesses.