OR GOP does a Robinson

Oregon Republican Party GOP picks former Congressional candidate Art Robinson to be new Party Chair

Unbalanced bi-statism

The Richardson Green Wave

GOP Rep Dennis Richardson running for Oregon governor, greeted by very few supporters

GOP Rep Dennis Richardson launched a four-city tour of Oregon (in a private jet) to announced his run for Governor in 2014. Huge crowds numbering in the mid-teens greeted him. Unless he drops out early, this means his faux libertarianism will exit the Legislature, a very good thing for Oregon.

Adios, Rep Richardson

A right gone wrong

2nd amendment does not protect america's children

Inflammatory? Deservedly.

Stand your ground, Oregon-style

Absolutely true. You can gun down a burglar in Oregon.

There was no need

White privilege. The things I was allowed to never even think about.

They get away

He's right. They do.

Bruce Hanna: more whining about losing

Rep Bruce Hanna whines that the GOP can't win elections

The GOP loses more elections than it wins, so this means the Democrats are totalitarians. Quote from Rep Bruce Hanna's constituent newsletter, July 8, 2013.

Sour grapes & Sen Jeff Kruse

Sen Jeff Kruse seems not to understand that Oregonians are voting for that one party for a reason.