Memorial Day: a difficult holiday

Lt Michael Murphy, Crossfitter & war heroI have ambivalent feelings towards Memorial Day. I am humbled that men and women throughout our nation’s history have willingly (and some, not so willingly) put their lives in mortal peril in order to preserve the country and home they loved. But I can never escape the knowledge that few of our wars have been justified or are justifiable. The courage and actions of the dead should be honored, but the causes of those deaths?

We have a near-idolatrous reverence for the military in America today. Simply wearing the uniform automatically makes one a hero despite the fact that only one or two percent of those in service will ever face an enemy. Most of our military are safe and secure...

8 kids a day

Happy birthday, Rosanne Cash

Rosanne Cash - The Wheel

Johnny Cash's talented daughter. I love this album.

Turnout matters.

ballot dropbox, pioneer courthouse square. nov 2010Turnout matters. That sounds a bit silly, but following most elections, we rarely hear about turnout. But because those who vote are the ones who decide an election – derp – the side that can get more of its people out to vote, wins.

This is not tautological silliness. This is the essence of winning an election. In 2010, 80,000 voters turned in their ballots in Multnomah County on Election Day, and John Kitzhaber was elected governor. On that same day across the country, state after state saw turnout rates of 30-40% – and Republicans won governorships and legislatures. In 2008 and 2012, voters came out in huge numbers, and Barack Obama...Read the rest

An undervote for democracy

I turned in my ballot about an hour ago, running up N Commercial to the Killingsworth Library in the rain (prior to some sprint training, also in the rain). I voted for Micro Dorrow, Tom Koehler and Martain Gonzalez. I voted Yes on the Children’s Levy and the Natural Resources Levy. Those were all easy votes.

Fluoride? I ended up voting from the place I was at when this campaign began: I did not cast a vote. I will be an undervote in the official tally: A ballot that does not vote on a particular issue. I’m not happy with that vote, but I’m also satisfied I voted my principles and my conscious.

This measure should never have been on the ballot. For starters, few voters have the competence to judge on the facts. I know I don’t, and I’ve paid attention. I’ve done...

Rep Thatcher on unemployment benefits & the economy

Walden: Something's wrong with this picture

Rep Greg Walden celebrating another waste of time & money

Rep Greg Walden posted this image & statement on Facebook:

Here I am with the "Red Tape Tower," thousands of pages of regulations associated with Obamacare. This is a stark representation about how Obamacare is holding back jobs.

I'm voting today to fully repeal this flawed law. Oregonians deserve a patient-centered health care system that allows them to access the care they need from the doctor and hospital they choose at the lowest possible cost. Share if you agree.

This was the House Republican's 37th vote to repeal Obamacare; the cost for these going-nowhere efforts has been approximately $55 million. So, yay Small Government Republicans and Small Government Walden.

Rep Julie Parrish decided to pass along Walden's photo. She added this in her post:

Celebrating another day of gun violence in America

Robert Yuille & Jenna Passalacqua, husband & daughter of Cindy YuilleEarlier this week, I met Jenna Passalacqua for the first time. I’ve heard Jenna speak several times but had not gotten the chance to introduce myself and let her know how much I admire what she is doing. I got that opportunity this week because she and I were both in Salem doing the same thing: advocating for gun legislation to save lives in Oregon.

If the name is not familiar to you, Jenna is the daughter of Cindy Yuille, and Cindy was one of three people who died at the Clackamas Town Center last December. I’ve been thinking a lot about Jenna today because, like me, her mom is not here on Mother’s Day...

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Steiner Hayward: Paid sick leave one of my top-10 goals