TABnet podcasts

State Rep Diego Hernandez, East Portland

The first podcast of 2017 is an introduction to State Representative Diego Hernandez, my new state rep. After sharing a brief bio, we talked about the upcoming legislative session, the need for increased revenues to pay for education and health care, are related topics. I’ll be having Rep Hernandez and other members of the Oregon Leg on the show regularly in the coming months.

Jenn Lynch, OR Alliance for Gun Safety

My guest is Jenn Lynch, President of the Board of the Oregon Alliance for Gun Safety and one our state’s most outspoken and valuable leaders for common sense gun legislation and gun safety. We talked about the work of the Oregon Alliance, the 2016 election, what ordinary citizens can do, and the need for action on the number gun violence issue: suicide.

A quick note: this podcast was recorded before the November election, which is why some portions are dated.

Ted Wheeler: Mayor is the People's Office

“People take the office of Mayor very personally.”

I spoke with Portland Mayor-elect Ted Wheeler about how he'll maintain connection with Portlanders once he takes office. It's a goal he's already working hard on, and it includes his commitment to East Portland and economic opportunity for the entire city.

(Apologies for the sound quality for the first few minutes. Technical issues, you know. I suspect Russian hackers.)

Michael Anderson: transit, zoning, livability

Michael Anderson is my favorite local journalist. He's covered everything and done so with professionalism, smarts, and the enthusiasm of someone trying to make his community a better place for all of us.

Currently, he reports on affordable housing for Portland for Everyone and bicycle infrastructure around the country for PeopleForBikes. He previously worked as the news editor for