Vic Gilliam's bait-and-switch now is reality

On November 1st of last year, Peter Nordbye, vice-chair of the Clackamas County Democrats, wrote a piece in BlueOregon accusing Republican incumbent state representative Vic Gilliam of Silverton of pulling what he called a “classic bait-and-switch” —

In House District 18, we have the classic bait and switch scam played out before our eyes. We think we are voting for Representative Vic Gilliam, but instead we are getting Mike Early or some unknown entity. Democracy is not supposed to work that way. We are supposed to elect our representatives; not so in HD 18.

Here’s a sampling of the comments Nordbye received:

This is an atrocious article and I'm deeply offended by it.

These indentity politics commie eco terrorist left wingers will stoop to any depth.

What absolute, unmitigated TRASH!! Peter Nordbye's mother would be ashamed of him.

I hope all fair minded people will reject the underlying arguments of this article-- that an individual with ALS or any disability is somehow unfit or unable to run for office.

To assert that Representative Gilliam is running a bait and switch campaign is a specious allegation and quite frankly, incredibly offensive.

Quite an accomplishment to be the author the most shameful and nauseating piece of slander in an unprecedently ugly election cycle.

This is the ugliest campaign season I have ever seen in the Oregon House, but this might be the lowest attack I have seen yet.

And so on.

Then this morning, we learn this from OregonLive:

Rep. Vic Gilliam, R-Silverton, announced his resignation Monday, saying in a statement that he is "grateful and honored" to serve his constituents, but that it is time to step down.

Peter Nordbye was prescient and he was right. I don’t expect anyone who attacked and trashed him to apologize, but he was right.