the TABnet blog.

I used to be a blogger.

Then my brain broke.

I started blogging in 2003, during the Dean for America campaign. I blogged at for a long time, and then tried my hand at video and other endeavors.

Then mental health issues took me down, hard. I’m finally on the other side of that, still with a lot of healing to do but, unlike before, I understand why I had so many problems with doing the things I wanted to do.

So: back to blogging. It’ll be a mixed bag of politics and whatever grabs my attention long enough for me to type 500 –1000 words. Feedback is welcome.

July 24, 2023
“Cheaters never prosper.” We know that’s not true, but two of the most infamous sports cheaters, who were also the best in their sports, have not-prospered in different ways. Why Lance isn’t Barry.
my new political focus
September 30, 2022
Not too many years ago, I saw politics through the lens of elections and their outcomes. I did what I could to support progressive candidates and policies; after all, it’s elected officials who set the rules – to a large extent – and who lead the way in making our communities safer, healthier, more prosperous.
And then, anxiety and depression knocked me completely out of that mode. Thankfully, I got connected with the health care I needed for that – literally in the same week covid shut the country down in 2020. For me, everything closing down was a blessing.
politics for the anxious, depressed, and other mentally unhealthy citizens who believe in democracy
September 27, 2022
Novelist and war correspondent Martha Gellhorn departed this life in 1998, but she articulated a message that I think is important for us to hear.
She wrote, “People often say, with pride, ‘I’m not interested in politics.’ They might as well say, ‘I’m not interested in my standard of living, my health, my job, my rights, my freedoms, my future or any future.'”
Gelhorn added, “If we mean to keep control over our world and lives, we must be interested in politics.”

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screaming at myself
after the fact
is a pointless exercise,
but it is a good way
to make a bad situation . . . .
i find many reasons
to beat the hell
out of myself.
i deserve them all,
every beating for. . . .
it’s noisy as hell
here in my head
and the endless drone
of endless traffic
and the fan in the window. . . .
kindness and
compassion and
all things
good and
worthy of. . . .
Tolstoy also nailed it
for individuals.
my unhappiness
and just how
incredibly. . . .
things that never were
do not matter to me,
not as much as i wish
the things there were
had never been.
“Ouch, My Back Hurts,
and Other Complaints
Regarding the Human System”
will be the title
of my next book. . . .
i’m human. . . .

that’s the hard part about life:
you’re here in the moment
always & nowhere
but here in the moment
and what was. . . .