Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


this world owes me a lot
for all it’s put me through
in this life;
but, of course,
this world is a grifter
and has zero conscience
about its shitty behavior.
like any good grifter,
the world doesn’t even
consider me
worthy of consideration.
use ‘em up, bleed ‘em dry,
move along.
you can’t even call it cruelty
because there is no heart
to feel a thing.
just the physical forces
unleashed 13.9 billion years ago,
countered only by the
slow death march of entropy;
and any life form
unfortunate enough
to evolve consciousness
suffers the consequences.
all i am left with
is useless anger,
pain that will kill me,
and certain knowledge
that all i experience,
all i endure,
all i am
will disappear
in an instant
into meaningless nothingness
at the moment of my annihilation.
it could have been
a time to enjoy
what little time i got.
you fuckers made sure
that my irrelevance

©TA Barnhart January 10, 2020