Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


now that i have
done my part
to perpetuate the species,
my other human task,
in evolutionary terms,
is to ensure the survival
of my offspring
as best i can.
unlike other species
that lack the ability,
much less the will,
to obliterate
the whole fucking planet,
humans have
a special responsibility
in this regard.
we are actively destroying
this is extraordinarily
after all the trouble
generations of humans
went through
just to freaking survive,
for us to wipe it all out
for the sake of
convenience and profit
and our own beliefs
in our own right and wrong….

no, i take it back.
let it all burn.
let humans go extinct.
the planet will survive us;
the planet will recover.
in a million years or so,
another conscious species
can try again.
i’m sorry for our
children and grandchildren
who won’t get
a fair chance
to live their lives,
but the dinosaurs
got a raw deal, too.

©TA Barnhart January 20, 2020