Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


once you get there,
the point where
you accept,
despite the fear
and the longing
for it to be
(and you know
at last
it never can be);
once you get there,
the place where
you understand
that the end of you
is an absolute end
beyond which
nothing that is
now you
will remain;
once you get there,
right here, right now
becomes something new,
something you have
never known before.
and if you cherish life,
if you love
being alive so much
that only the fact
of your being alive
right here, right now
matters to your
being you,
then the nothingness
that follows death
becomes a separate thing
that has no place
in your life,
and you can wake
each morning
to true freedom
and decide
that just being happy
is all you need.
it is
all you need,
which makes
all the rest

┬ęTA Barnhart January 25, 2020