Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


life invites us
to go crazy,
to lose our minds
over things
small and large,
whether they matter
or whether they don’t.
we can explode with rage
sink into despair
go giddy with glee
or look away, uncaring,
and not a bit of it
not the slightest touch
of intention
in our thoughts
in our emotion.
as out-of-control
as a leaf in the wind.
yet we claim to be
the greatest of all creatures,
biggest brains and smartest smarts,
the ones chosen
by our various gods.
we’re #1,
or so we say.
case in point:
no other species bothers
with mass self-destruction;
humans have a monopoly
on that endeavor.
being a lesser creature means,
i guess,
that don’t appreciate life enough
to make it unendurably miserable
as they spend all they have
to wipe it out of existence.

©TA Barnhart October 25, 2020