Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


late october:
cool, but a bike ride
is still enjoyable.
in a week or two
there’ll be rain
and wet leaves
paving the street.
that’ll be exciting.
drivers are more careful
this time of year.
summer and sunshine
bring out their worst.
i think they know,
deep down inside,
driving a car
on a beautiful day
is an awful waste
of a beautiful day.
today should be rain-free
although the morning sky
is a dull grey ceiling.
i have nowhere special to go;
the grocery store and then
just anywhere,
just to move,
just to breathe hard
and sweat away
a bit more of the
sadness and anger
of not even trying
to live my life
on my own terms.
riding nowhere special
is, at least,
going somewhere
i want to go.

©TA Barnhart October 29, 2020