Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


i opened my eyes
(at last)
and did not like
what i saw.
it got no better
the longer i looked.
it was what it was;
me staring at it
changed nothing.
so i closed my eyes
but this time
i remained awake.
it remained
as it was;
i do not possess superpowers
(after all).
but with my eyes shut
i could see everything
that was not it.
that was a lot to see.
and when i
opened my eyes
(once again),
it was still
as it was,
yet somehow not
quite the same.
it turns out
i do have a superpower:
i can choose
to not be
what i thought
i had to be.

so much for you,
up, up, and away!

┬ęTA Barnhart November 27, 2020