Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


i climb up into the trees
to look around,
but i’m lost in this world.
there is safety up here,
but not for me.
i see the ground far below;
i shiver in fear
and cling tightly to the branch.
i need to climb down,
but i’m too afraid
i might fall.
i cling with all my strength,
which isn’t much.
to distract myself,
perhaps to calm myself,
i look up.
through thousands of waving leaves,
branches thick and slender;
somewhere beyond –
i cannot tell the distance,
only that is is “there” –
the sky, blue,
with a smattering of clouds.
the ground is close below;
if i fall down,
i will be hurt, perhaps killed.
but if i fall up?
what would happen
if i struck the sky?
falling to the ground
will break my body;
but – the sky?
l look up
into that blue,
and i hear the sky
call my name.
i release my hold.
as i fall,
i answer.

©TA Barnhart November 8, 2020