Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


when did i become human?
when did i become this human?
not so long ago,
i was not me, as such;
just a blob of cells
with a plan.
i had no say in that plan;
i was just the end product
of centuries of fucking.
the last two to fuck
were, of course, mom and dad.
(i have since inflicted the same
on two now-human beings
as if i had some kind of right
and not merely the obligation
to keep our species going.)
thanks to my parents,
i came to be
and then i came to be
much of who i am.
at some point along the way,
i appear to have become a human.
this specific human.
i am still unsure
how happy i am about that.
all those generations
of all those people fucking
and here i am?
no wonder i’ve never known
how to live my life.
how to be this human.

©TA Barnhart November 9, 2020