Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


so many things
i could do today.
so many options!
i could, of course, die.
not my first choice
but it’s always
on the list.
i could get the virus
despite my best efforts
to not get the virus.
lots of other diseases
on the list as well;
a veritable smorgasbord
of illness & ailment
awaiting me patiently.
and then there’s
the usual routine:
stay home & do nothing.
go for a cold bike ride.
stock up on groceries,
masked and avoiding
other human beings
as if i have something
to be ashamed of.
make something
read something
watch something
eat something
drink something
pee. poop. pee again.
get bored.
get angry.
get up.
sit down.
so many things
i could do today.
and in the end,
not one of them matters
at all.
i am free
to live
as i choose.
this makes my choice
so easy.

©TA Barnhart December 22, 2020