Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


i will not be tired.
i am not
looking forward
to that day,
that day
when i will not
be tired
nor anything else.
being tired
is not a problem.
thinking i have
Important Things To Do
and that
being tired
is no excuse –
that damn sure
is a problem.
we humans
squander life
as if we hate it.
it is precious
and it is fragile.
it is also
a lot of fun
if you do not
take it
too seriously.
do not take
too seriously.
my too little
is just enough
to let me enjoy
waking slowly,
to savor the drift
from sleep
to here.
all the years
i wasted
trying to wake up
and go. go. go.
how much better
if i had just
lazed around
a little longer,
had enjoyed
that next
cup of tea.

©TA Barnhart December 7, 2020