Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


anger tastes
so good;
deserved anger
more so.
i taste
the flavors,
and notes
of justification,
mixed with
stolen triumph,
fill my
aching senses.
i savor
my righteousness;
nothing enhances
the taste
on tongue
so richly.
a moment
to inhale
the tart
thread of
rage’s bitterness;
i’m lost
between despair
and ecstasy.
there is
no better
place to
enjoy my
delight in
being so
fucking right.
whatever i
have yelled
matters not,
just the
brutal echo
in my
burning mind
of my
i point,
a finger
inscribing justice.
you fools
have no
idea, none,
of just
how wrong
you are.

©TA Barnhart February 3, 2020