Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


so this is how it was
for our parents and grandparents
in the times of hardship and want?
no. hardly.
we are being inconvenienced
in a world of online commercialism
and levels of health care and science
our parents and grandparents
didn’t even know they could dream of.
sports are being cancelled,
fools are buying all the toilet paper,
and the wealth continue
to rob the rest of us blind.
this isn’t the 20s of a century ago.
this is today.
this is right now.
keep your distance and wash your hands:
this is all most of us need do.
compassion for the afflicted:
how is that not the true business-as-usual?
if we can learn anything
from this strange, inconvenience crisis,
why not that?
i am untouched
but not by your suffering.

©TA Barnhart March 12, 2020