Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


and now everyone
is stuck at home
against their will
and to their secret delight,
the global pandemic
giving you
a glimpse
into the life
of someone
like me.
i’m not trying
to survive
a global pandemic
(well, i am trying
like everyone else
to not get sick
and die of stupidity);
i am trying
to live
even when we return
to public lives
and poor hygiene.
the pandemic will pass.
the shelves will fill.
my mind will continue
to try to convince me
that all is not well
and i need
to continue
to bunker down.
i will always need
to bunker down.
your inconvenience
is my daily routine.
now please,
go wash your hands.

©TA Barnhart March 16, 2020