Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


being part of history
is rarely as glamorous
as it seems
when you’re not
being part of history.
the people who made
the Johnstown Flood
so memorable –
being part of history
was a lousy outcome.
i am one
of 7 billion actors
in the current story
of this history-in-process.
what will be
my ultimate role?
will i get sick?
will i die?
will i find toilet paper?
weird & ironic:
the little i can do
to help others
is do as little
as possible.
the story of this
moment of history
is not how sick
some will get
or how much
ordinary life
is turned upside-down
but how,
for the first time
since we began
the project of civilization,
human beings
are being forced to admit,
whatever their beliefs
on matters of
god & state & football –
we’re all in this together.
every one of us
is a part of
this moment of history.
and like all moments
of history,
this means one thing:
the future awaits
what we do

©TA Barnhart March 18, 2020