Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


being home is hard
because you want to go out:
work, play, everything
that is, that was
your life.
being home is easy
because i do not want
to go out.
i live my life that is, that was
here, always here.

home is safe. alone is safe.

no matter how long
you are order to stay home,
you are never trapped
because when the “all clear” is given
you will rush out the door
and dive right back into
your life out there.
your brain does not begin and end with
home is safe, alone is safe.
you feel like a prisoner
but it’s only temporary;
soon enough, you’ll walk free.
when the doors open again,
i will look out there
as i do every day
and i will think:

home is safe. alone is safe.

no matter when they tell us “all clear”
i’ll still remain here, as ever.
you think you are trapped at home,
but you have no idea.

©TA Barnhart March 23, 2020