Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


i’m trying to find
that sweet spot between
the ultimate emptiness of life
and a reason to bother
remaining alive.
knowing i will cease to exist
in just a few years,
or perhaps this afternoon,
does not encourage me
to make much of an effort
at doing anything meaningful
with this meaningless life.
anyone i help
is also bound for the void,
as is the entire universe.
honestly, we should all kick back
and just enjoy whatever time
we spend in existence.
every type of meaning
we pretend to find
is a fake.
simply being alive
should be good enough.
anything else
is simply a way
to stumble blindfolded
towards the abyss,
pretending the emptiness
is a road
to escape.

©TA Barnhart March 31, 2020