Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


humans being humans,
or so they say,
sit & wish & hope
this things goes away.
covid 19.

people can’t work
can’t pay the rent.
pay for food & cable
til all the money’s spend.
covid 19.

hunker down.
stay six feet apart.
each in your home;
that’s your only part.
covid 19.

can’t shoot the bastard,
punch its ugly face.
if we ain’t careful,
no more human race.
covid 19.

blues start to look
like a real good time.
this thing’s so bad,
my words gotta rhyme.
covid 19.

keep calm. stay safe.
do your best, my friend..
one way or another,
this, too, shall end.
covid 19.

©TA Barnhart April 13, 2020