Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


but i don’t want it to rain today!
i wanna ride my bike today
and i’ll ride my bike in the rain
but i don’t wanna
ride my bike in the rain!
and in case you’re wondering
(and i know you’re not wondering
and are probably not reading this
because, honestly, almost no one does)
i have a long list
of demands and wants
and ways to make the world better.
i am very sad about this list
and what a waste it is,
what a waste my sadness
over this list is.
there is so much
i would change about this world
to make everything better,
and if i could
make all those changes
to the world, 
i wouldn’t care
if it rained on days
i wanted to ride my bike.
that is something worth being sad about.

©TA Barnhart April 25, 2020