Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


if i live 10,000 years
that’s a massive human life,
yet as good as nothing
against the billions of years
that are the earth or the universe.
so, yea:
feeling insignificant
is easy.
but the truth is this:
the only that exists
is me.
everything else
is out there,
beyond me,
beyond what i can know,
what i can experience
for myself.
hundreds of billions of years
and a universe i’ll only ever
see glimpses of –
what are these to me?
they are not my reality.
i know only
my touch
my heart
my mind.
the vastness of all
i can never know –
what of it?
my few decades of life
are so tiny,
but they are also
the entirety of all
i will ever know.
i am the entirety
of my universe.
the vast immensity
of all that is,
all that will ever be,
exists only in
my touch
my heart
my mind.
i am
my universe.
i am
i’ll ever know.

©TA Barnhart June 8, 2020