Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


given that everybody
is going to die someday,
and i do mean everybody;
and given that everything
is going to end someday,
and i do mean everything;
then what the hell
is the point of anything,
and i do mean
any thing?
sure, the end of the earth
is a long way off,
not to mention
the entire freaking universe;
but end it shall.
done and dusted
as if it never was.
so, yea.
it makes so much sense
to spend the few years we get
pretending that what doesn’t
make us happy
is incredibly important,
that what provides no meaning
to the moment being lived
matters so much.
and i do mean
and anyone else
who prefers living
to simply being alive.

©TA Barnhart July 28, 2020