Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


we are a complex thing,
we humans;
yet we demand,
to the point of being willing
to die to make the point,
that life is simple & clear
if we could only
see and follow the truth
we decide is at the heart
of our existence.
but we humans
are far too complex
to summarize
in any myth.
and on this vast planet
that has had nearly
5 billion years
to generate the diversity
of life & matter
in which we find ourselves,
we are the only creature
to make such demands
of our own existence.
no wonder
so many of us
are so miserable.
to simply live
would be joy enough.
we demand more
of our existence,
but it is a demand
nature cannot answer.
existence is followed
by annihilation;
that’s how this universe functions.
we are no exception,
no matter how loudly
we wail in despair.
we have been over-built,
we sad, complex humans.
we need a moment of quiet
to allow reality
a chance
to comfort our minds.

©TA Barnhart July 7, 2020