Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


being human
and being happy
are clearly
two different things.
we could be happy,
make sure
everyone is happy,
but we refuse.
we’d rather
have more stuff.
we’d rather
be right.
we’d rather
live in fear
of our god
or our hatred.
we’d rather
do anything
then whatever
it takes
for everyone,
our own selves
to be happy.
this is stupid,
of course.
death comes
so swiftly,
so brutally,
so completely;
yet we choose
fear and desperation
over peace and happiness.
this is so stupid.
humans are stupid,
too stupid
for the species
to survive.
which we
strive tirelessly
to prove
every moment
we are alive,
too stupid
to be happy.

©TA Barnhart August 29, 2020