Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


if only
there were a reason
for all the sadness,
pain and suffering,
a reason that made
any damn sense.
unexamined and
human minds
is the worst and
most stupid
reason for it all.
this amazing organism
sitting on top
of ourh heads,
and we squander it
on petty greed,
fear, hate, and
this planet
could be a
true paradise
where all creatures
flourish in peace,
wanting for nothing
other than that
which is simply
not possible.
we work harder
by the day
to eliminate
not only
our own species
as soon as we can,
but doing our best
to take out
as many other species
as we can
before we’re done.
what a waste.
what a joke
we humans are.
let’s hope
we get the job done
quickly and efficiently.
sooner is better,
far better,
than later
for human extinction.

©TA Barnhart September 11, 2020