Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


my tragedy
compared to
other tragedies(
yours is
not less nor
)bad enough
for govt workers
but there is
no form form e
and you are
for you are
no longer
no more
and so
it is mine
to claim(
deadline has
passed ashas
)and once
again as
always again
it is ME.
it is MinE.
cry for me
meme for me
and yes
i have
direct deposit.

absolutely yes
homaging ee cummings, have just bought a copy of his complete poems to replace my lost copy (which seemed like it was larger and more complete but o well, only $13).
yes. overt copying of style (reading 50 Poems this morning) but a contemporary message.

┬ęTA Barnhart September 17, 2020