Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


by the millions
they come and go,
these humans
who try so desperately
to prove they are
the reason for
life on earth.
billions have
lived and died,
these sad, struggling,
self-important apes
busy confusing 
stuff with meaning,
violence with purpose.
one by one,
they are born
and they die,
each of them
resisting truth,
resisting the fact
of what life means:
keep the species going.
life exists
to create life.
bodies exist
to feed life.
minds and souls
are human accidents
we use to excuse
our refusal to be
fully alive,
hoping to be rescued
from reality
by gods
they do not exist
in a universe
where only matter
and possibility
have meaning.

©TA Barnhart September 2, 2020