Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


the first thing to go
when i get to the part
known as
editing the poem
is anything that could be
mistaken for literary.
i don’t do literary.
i do poemetry.
it’s easier than writing
sentences and paragraphs,
and i get to avoid
all the work necessary
to do literary.
i’m trying to have fun
with words and ideas.
i have found,
through much trial-and-failure,
that nothing gets in the way
of words and ideas
being fun
than me
being literary.
so i edit it out.
i leave in the fun,
although i am forced,
now and then,
to leave in pain
as well.
and anger.
fear, too,
if i’m being honest.
my job isn’t to edit
anymore than it is
to write.
my job is to uncover
what my thoughts
try to bury.
i write
to reveal.
i write
to survive.

©TA Barnhart September 22, 2020