Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


people claim
the world is complicated
and the problems we face
are hard.
that’s a lie.
the world is simple,
the answers are easy:
care about others
and share everything.
stop hurting others.
make sure everyone
has enough to live.
problems resolved,
the fact
that we refuse to admit
how simple this is
proves beyond doubt
that the human race
is an evolutionary
we are well on our way
to the inevitable extinction
awaiting all failed species.
life is all that matters
to life.
consciousness & intelligence
emotion & desire –
experiments gone horribly wrong.
if another species
evolves again with these traits,
i hope they do better
than we have.
all this thought
all these brains
all this misery.
time for us to go.

©TA Barnhart September 9, 2020