Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


the purpose of life
is to survive
and create new life
to follow after you,
surviving and creating
their own new life.
pretty simple.
anything after that
is gravy.
i am almost 65,
my sons are grown,
and i have 4 grandkids.
time for gravy!
we humans, however,
alone among all lifeforms,
seem incapable
of something this simple.
we want more from life,
especially for life
to not be hard
and to not end.
me, too.
i’d love to have
a million dollars
and a life that ends
only when i’m ready
for it to end.
being human
is almost too hard,
and yet,
here i am.
and ready to go
as far as i can.
i’ve served my purpose
as a human life form.
time to enjoy
the gravy.

©TA Barnhart October 25, 2021