Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


you are asking a lot
to ask me to
care about others
when so few other
care about me.
billions of humans
who don’t even now
that i exist:
what reason do i have
to give a single damn
about a single one of them?
save your love & morality;
those are your burden.
i have enough to bear
of my own.
and i get that it’s smart
to try to ensure
all people live with dignity,
with sufficiency,
in peace.
the fewer people who are
needy and angry,
the safer we all are.
but the point is:
i can support that
and still not give
my one good goddamn
about any of them.
i see no need
to be trapped by either
your beliefs
or the chains of evolution.
if i am free
to choose
to not care about
any other living being,
am i not
just as free
to choose
to care,
and to do so
with all my being
simply because
it’s my choice
and not my obligation?

©TA Barnhart March 21, 2021