Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


how selfish
do i have to be
to take care
of myself?
i’m not exactly
a selfish person,
nor am i selfless;
rather, it’s that
if forced to admit it,
i’d say
the me
that is myself
is not someone
i have cared
to take care of.
“treat like shit”
would describe
my self-care.
but i’m tired
of the abuse
and am now trying
to be someone
who values
his own life,
and happiness.
i am realizing
this means
putting my own needs
ahead of the
guilt-driven demands
of my mind
to let other people,
other needs
control my life.
so the question:
how selfish
do i have to be
to be alive
and not
regret it?

©TA Barnhart April 12, 2021