Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


the science tells me
i see nothing
in this world;
i’m just a brain
in a skull
in a body
and it’s all just data
inside that brain
where a thing
call me
somehow also exists.
i believe the science
even though the idea
of being little more
than my own self-contained matrix
is kind of creepy.
that may be creepy,
but saying the science is wrong
is just stupid.
the idea of something more
than a brain in a skull
is appealing.
most humans demand
that to be true:
the soul
connection to the universe.
many concepts,
all with one goal:
to deny the inevitable.
for a mere moment
in the universe’s
trillions upon trillions of years,
i am.
here, alone,
my own personal universe,
and i’m trying
to be at peace
with being me
before i’m not.
wishing to be more
just hurts too much.

©TA Barnhart May 5, 2021