Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


being human
is tough;
no secret that.
we each feel,
i think,
being me
is toughest
of all.
i know
being me
hasn’t been easy.
for me,
life has not
been kind
nor fair,
that’s for
damn sure.
but it hasn’t
been cruel,
and it
still goes on,
and my life
has found
a chance
for the shittiness
to be
left behind.
i caught
a break.
i was ready
for that break,
ready and hungry
to see if,
despite everything,
i could
at last
live this life
as my life
on my terms
for me.
a bit of
good luck
for a change.
a chance
for a change.

©TA Barnhart July 5, 2021