Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


i don’t dream
about my ex-wife
too often.
like all my dreams,
they have nothing to do
with the reality
of what was,
and that was
so many years ago.
i was glad
to be shed of her.
our gene pools
were a good match
and almost nothing else.
so why last night?
it’s just stuff
my brain does
while i sleep,
and i just happened
to wake up
with that dream
still running.
there was no regret,.
no longing;
i’m not that pathetic
to long for someone
i’ve been divorced from
three times longer
than we were married.
my dreams
never mean anything.
they’re just my dreams,
sometimes scary
sometimes entertaining,
often boring,
and mostly gone
when i wake.
this is good.
my brain
is enough trouble
when i’m awake.
i don’t need
nonsense-mode brain
to add to
the burden
of trying
to survive
my life.

©TA Barnhart August 23, 2021