Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


how helpful
for my mind
to notice
all the flaws
(so many flaws)
in all the people
i know
all the people
i meet
all the people
with my life,
so that i can know
beyond any doubt
(can there be
any doubt)
how much better
i am
than they
have failed to be.
i’m not saying
i’m superior
or that
they are bad;
i am not that
arrogant or stupid.
but truth is truth
and facts are facts,
and dumbass idiots
are dumbass idiots.
it’s important
to see them
and know them
and to be grateful
(but never smug,
never too proud)
that i am not
one of them.

©TA Barnhart August 29, 2021