Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


life is precious.
short, easily ended,
awful at times
yet so amazing,
so wonderful,
at other times.
i love life.
life does not care
one whit
about me.
i have played my role
in maintaining life:
i survived until i could
produce offspring,
and then i kept them alive
until they, too, could
produce offspring.
i will get no thank-yous
from life.
i will, instead,
get old
and die.
it’s like the worst
unrequited love:
i do all i can
to win her over,
but she never pays
the least attention
to me.
i exist for the merest moment,
and then i’m gone forever.
in time,
all life will be gone.
that’s how it works.
it’s all pretty pointless,
but that’s what makes it
easier to enjoy the time,
the life,
i have.

©TA Barnhart January 6, 2022