Poemetry by T.A. Barnhart


“Ouch, My Back Hurts,
and Other Complaints
Regarding the Human System”
will be the title
of my next book
of non-fiction distresses,
and no one
will read it, either.
i wouldn’t.
hell, i wont even write it,
and it’s my book.
yes, my back does hurt
and yes,
i do have many complaints
regarding the human system.
but complaints are boring
and pain is not a thing
to dwell on.
it is,
as life is.
“hullo, pain”
and move on.
the book i do
have in mind
to write
isn’t about me
as such,
so maybe
it won’t be
as boring
as your pain
is to me.

©TA Barnhart December 26, 2022