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(The next sentence is scary, but please do not run away.)

Politics is part of everything in life. We have a choice: take responsibility for our place in this world, or let others make the decisions for our lives.

I choose to do what I can to make this a better world. I try to be thoughtful in my writing, provocative, and focused on progressive outcomes. I make no bones about my partisanship; the idea that someone can be “non-partisan” is nonsense to me. The choice is between active or compliant (and complicit).

That said, life isn’t meant to be a long, hard battle. I have other interests: L.A. Dodgers, Portland Thorns, music of all kinds, anime, science fiction, bicycling, cooking, and a list that could get too long. Oh, and my family: my two sons, four grandkids, a brother and a sister, and various spouses, aunts & uncles, cousins, etc.

I have lived with depression most of my life. I am trying to find healing with medical care and a more focused lifestyle. I’m trying to pay attention to what the Buddha said, but that’s a life-long endeavor.

I was born in Oregon, grew up in Montana, and have lived in England, and all over the West Coast.