anxiety & gyoza

I know how to apply mindfulness techniques when anxiety strikes; thanks to the VA, I got that help a few years back. Still, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared as possible when heading to a country where I can’t even read the street signs. Google Maps is a great anti-anxiety tool in this regard.

after arrival

Heading to a country where you don’t know the language is a huge challenge. Heading into the unknown pushes lot of anxiety buttons for me. The simple answer: lots of preparation.

Omiya Station

A lot of people look for scenes from their favorite anime when in Japan. It’s a whole way of tourism for some. It’s not a big part of my plan, but I just happened to see something familiar this morning and started thinking about this more.

back to planning

I wasn’t able to put a lot of energy into planning the trip in January, but now I need to get serious about this adventure to Japan. Plans to make, things to buy, lists to build. I have my passport, my tickets, and my time off-work all taken care off. Yay, basics.


it is what it is
said the sage
(no doubt a Swiftie
or perhaps a Parrotthead)
and i rolled my eyes. . . .

Oregon GOP, waa waa waa

The Oregon Supreme Court said that what the voters demanded will be the law of this land. Oregon Republicans don’t like that because it’s not what they want. So they will continue to oppose the voters and democracy.

They are that childish.