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anxiety & gyoza

I know how to apply mindfulness techniques when anxiety strikes; thanks to the VA, I got that help a few years back. Still, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared as possible when heading to a country where I can’t even read the street signs. Google Maps is a great anti-anxiety tool in this regard.

after arrival

Heading to a country where you don’t know the language is a huge challenge. Heading into the unknown pushes lot of anxiety buttons for me. The simple answer: lots of preparation.

Omiya Station

A lot of people look for scenes from their favorite anime when in Japan. It’s a whole way of tourism for some. It’s not a big part of my plan, but I just happened to see something familiar this morning and started thinking about this more.

back to planning

I wasn’t able to put a lot of energy into planning the trip in January, but now I need to get serious about this adventure to Japan. Plans to make, things to buy, lists to build. I have my passport, my tickets, and my time off-work all taken care off. Yay, basics.

planning is fun

“I have always found trip planning almost as pleasurable as travel itself.”

That was Michael Grady, one of my co-granddads, responding to a FB post about my upcoming trip to Japan. He’s right. I’m having a lot of fun with the planning.

the first step

I’m sixty-seven years old as I write this! 67? Apart from nearly five years after high school, when I lived in England (serving in the Air Force and then nearly two years after), I never really gone anywhere. I have had no real vacations. But now, at last, this is about to change.