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Steve Novick: Fixing Portland City Government

Steve Novick spent four tumultuous years on the Portland City Council before being unseated by Chloe Eudaly in November, but he’s not gone off into hiding as many would have done. He recently wrote a piece for Willamette Week about his ideas for fixing what he sees as broken at City Hall. The piece began, “In November, I became the first sitting commissioner to lose re-election in 24 years.”

That’s the frankness and honesty I’ve long admired about Steve, so I was excited to get to talk to him in person recently. I asked him about that election loss, Portland progressives, and asked him to share advice for Mayor Ted Wheeler. And of course we talked about what changes he thinks need to be made to city government.

Oh, and we also talked some baseball, but I’ve left most of that on the cutting room floor.

T.A. Barnhart