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Nolan Lienhart: the complexity of the housing crisis

Housing affordability is being termed a crisis in the Portland Metro area. Displacement, gentrification, houselessness; many people are suffering and there doesn’t seem to be relief in sight. There are, however, lots of loud voices and lots of strong opinions.

I wanted to talk with Nolan Lienhart about these issues. He’s Director of Planning and Urban Design, ZGF Architects; he’s also a Bus Project Board member, and an African-American who grew up in a working class neighborhood that working class people can no longer afford to live in. His opinions on these issues are valuable to me, so I was glad to get the chance to sit down and ask some of the questions I have on this complex and critical area of policy.

 (And apologies to listeners for the audio quality; I think the lav mic went south. Thankfully I had recorded the whole thing on my iPhone – just in case!)

T.A. Barnhart