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a way to explore thoughts, usually first thing in the morning.

twenty-three may

i am a moment in time:
of the universe’s existence,
more or less.
that’s nothing to brag of,
here and then gone
before i can finish the thought.

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T.A. Barnhart
nine may

i want to make my secrets known,
but nobody cares
nobody listens.
i walk the streets
talking out loud like a crazy person,
except my words aren’t detached ramblings

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T.A. Barnhart
five may

i’m sorry.
i wish i knew,
as you seem to know,
when is the right time
and the right way
to be arrogant,
and cruel.

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T.A. Barnhart
three may

i do so enjoy
the thought of delivering
witty & memorable smackdowns
to the nasty, self-indulgent
anklebiters of my world,
the small-minded, self-indulgent
champions of their own opinions….

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T.A. Barnhart
nineteen jan

i love projects
and planning
and brainstorming
and idea development
and anything else
that can take the place
of doing anything

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T.A. Barnhart