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a way to explore thoughts, usually first thing in the morning.


i make myself a promise,
and, day after day,
i watch myself breaking my word.
i am not surprised,
am not disappointed.
i do not believe in my word.
i do not trust myself
to do what i say i will do.
i’d like to surprise myself
and prove to be a reliable person,
someone i can have some faith in.
although if that did happen,
i’d be less surprised than amazed.
i used to hate myself
for being a hopeless failure,
but now i am just tired.
too many years, too many disappointments.
breaking my word is what i expect from me,
and that expectation cuts away
at my mind, at my heart,
at my soul.
i want to trust myself,
but i know better
than to make that mistake again.

T.A. Barnhart